About us

Ipswich Community Media

Ipswich Community Media (ICM) is a new community interest company consisting of a group of like-minded local people who want to work with those at the margins of society to include them in the positive change and development of our community. Everyone involved in ICM has a passion for working with the most disadvantaged in our local community and a deep belief in fairness and social justice. We want to help make Ipswich and the county a better place for all and we want to do this in an engaging and creative setting.

ICM Aims

Through music, media, the creative arts and communication through language ICM will engage the most excluded from society: By giving a voice to the most disenfranchised in our local community the excluded will be included. We passionately believe that open access for the most disadvantaged in our community is vital for a healthy inclusive society.

At ICM we want to create a melting pot – an oasis of diversity that helps to create a culturally, economically and socially vibrant community. Exposure and access to community media, creative arts, music and language skills is a fantastic way to engage people – particularly those at the margins of society. Through this engagement, which itself is nourishing and enriching, we want to support the most disadvantaged to develop and progress through learning and volunteering. ICM aims to deliver high quality training in a digital and multi-media environment.

We want to bring all our passions and experience together into one concept, vision and social enterprise. The message of ICM is that everyone can contribute and everyone has something to offer; there is a place for you here and we will work together to support your progress in the world in a safe and welcoming environment.

We want to make Ipswich and Suffolk a better place to live for all.

We aim to be the most diverse project in Suffolk. To this end much of our work will be focussed on the Norwich Road area of Ipswich which is the most diverse area in Ipswich. Norwich Road is also at the heart of the Westgate ward – an area that is in the top 10% most deprived wards on the country and has a population of 33% non-white UK residents.