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South Street Kids Radio

Free weekly sessions for young people, gaining skills confidence and developing a strong voice in their community – reflecting the HUGELY diverse communities that surround Westgate Ward, and Ipswich.

We have trips, media training, workshops, film music and media all designed to engage young people and ensure they feel a part of their town.

South Street Kids Radio is a project aimed at kids aged 7 – 16 , who live in and around the Norwich Road.

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This is a chance of young people from more disadvantaged backgrounds to come together and meet new people, learn a tonne of new skills and be able to make radio shows, music tracks, and film / animation.
We also provide the opportunity to go on trips, to Christchurch mansion, the park, the museum, we have had a backstage tour of the New Wolsey, which was superb and recently we got 15 tickets to take a crew to the breathtaking ‘Fagins Twist’ by Avant Guarde at Dance East  – in fact, we even got to meet the cast and the director, who has since offered us the chance to have a number of workshops!
We firmly believe that integration and cohesive communities comes from working together and understanding our differences, and celebrating our culture. The group come from a very mixed background and this only enriches our sessions.
We ran a media area at a small but vitally important Day of Action down at Jubilee Park, coordinated by Ginny ShoeSmith. The park is a notoriously troubled area and we brought music, energy positivity and actively engaged with around 100 kids throughout the day, families hung around and we had the chance to talk to people about some of the issues.
We have Shub Singh coming most weeks to volunteer to support the sessions – he is our local PCSO. By coming and getting to know the kids, he has broken down so many barriers and perception, with Police and Young people.
Last saturday, the mayor came to visit, it was his last Saturday  in the role. He arrived in full regalia and completely wowed hour crew – particularly as he is one of them – he went to school at Westbourne, and they can identify him as a role model ( he is also a great singer and dancer!).
We are looking for funding at the moment to continue this project, as we are coming towards the end of 2 funding pots – Youth Social Action and Awards for All.
The team Cad Taylor, Angelle Joseph and Ian Parsons had made a small community up at South Street on a Saturday Morning and we hope that the group expands and becomes a real resource for the whole town – that they will come along to events and performances across the town.

This project is funded by Youth Social Action and Awards for All and Community Action Suffolk.

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Thanks also to the lottery, Children in Need and Suffolk Community for supporting our project.

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