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Safety Net Nomination

We’re very pleased to announce that Lish has been nominated for an Excellence in Digital Strategy Award in Suffolk County Council’s Raising the Bar Awards.

Alicia with her Safety Net award nomination

This nomination is in recognition of our ‘Safety Net’ project, which was funded by the Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner to educate children and young people about how to stay safe online.

Working across Ipswich Community Media’s in-house and partner projects, we delivered a series of workshops, which also incorporated media skills to increase knowledge of online safety and boost confidence. Sessions were tailored to suit each audience and to get the children as engaged as possible whilst ensuring they have clear, up to date information on internet safety.

Safety Net project Girls Where You At with Tim Passmore

Members of Future Female Society’s ‘Girls Where You At?’ group even had a visit from Tim Passmore, Suffolk’s Police & Crime Commissioner.

We involved external speakers, including police officers to speak to children about the legal implications of the digital decisions they make. But we didn’t stop with the kids, we also incorporated our ‘Safety Net’ workshops into our English language classes for parents of primary school children. This meant parents were also aware of the risks their children faced and how to avoid things like scam emails.

In total, this project reached over 150 people helping kids and adults alike to stay safe online. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with over 90% of respondents feeling confident they’d know what to do and who to speak to, if faced with an online concern.

Congratulations to Lish and the team for the nomination for such an important project.

‘It’s useful to have the skills to stop being harassed online’

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