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Are you ready to vote on December 12th?

Voting is a vital part of our democratic process, but if you haven’t voted in a general election before it can seem a bit daunting or even outright confusing. To help ease any concerns we’ve put together this quick guide on how to vote on Thursday:


When and where do I vote?

You can vote at your local polling station on Thursday 12th December 2019. The polling station is open between 7am-10pm. Your local polling station will be listed on the polling card, which is sent to you by post. Alternatively check online: wheredoivote.co.uk/

What do I need to vote?

If you are registered to vote you do not need to show any identification or bring anything with you. You can still vote if you do not bring your polling card.

What happens in the polling station?

Give the staff your name and address. They will confirm that you are on the electoral register and are eligible to vote and give you a ballot paper. 

The ballot paper is a list of the local candidates and the political parties they represent, not the names of the main party leaders.

Take your ballot paper to one of the private booths. Use the pencil provided and put a cross next to the candidate you want to vote for. 

Fold your ballot paper and put it in the box provided.

Other information to keep in mind:

Do not write or draw anything else on your ballot paper as your vote may not be counted. 

If you make a mistake you can ask the polling staff to give you another ballot paper.

Do not take any photos while voting or inside the polling station as this is illegal and you may be prosecuted.

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