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Celebrating the Success of our Refugee Students

At ICM, we strive to include those at the margins of society into the mainstream community through positive change and development.

In our endeavour to make Ipswich a more vibrant community, we have worked with our refugee friends from several different countries, creating a friendly and welcoming environment to engage them with creative events and helping them to develop their language skills.

The journey of some of our refugee students started nearly 10 months ago as they started with no knowledge of the British society or its core values. ICM designed a bespoke ESOL course to meet their needs and planned many events/activities to help them understand our society, British values and culture. We encouraged them to appreciate the differences between our cultures and to integrate happily into our community with confidence and positivity.
Below are just some of the events conducted by ICM for our refugee students among various other classroom programs.

Christchurch Mansion– An insightful tour of the Mansion and its many exhibits – our group really enjoyed seeing and talking about the different items there, particularly fascinated by the Victorian kitchen and the appliances in it.

Values of Democracy and Election process followed in UK– Anna Last, Electoral Officer from Ipswich Borough Council conducted this session that included a practical demo of the entire process involving the students.

Team visit to Ipswich Library– Marion Harvey, The Manager of Ipswich County Library helped us in arranging a guided visit for the team to spend significant time in the library. Daniela Tudose spent ample time with the entire team to help them understand the various services offered by the library. Students have learned basic computer skills and have enrolled themselves and their families to get library cards.

Suffolk One Tour– Ross Barrett, Media tutor, has provided an excellent and informative guided visit to Suffolk One College.

Visit to Christchurch Park – The team completely enjoyed the Christchurch Park visit where they started playing different games and enjoyed the summer weather.

Café visit on Meredith Road and Café Visit to Bicycle Cafe – The group was taken to different cafes, where they started interacting with the staff and tried to understand the British culture and values.

Visit to Felixstowe – To celebrate the last day of their 10 months long course, ICM arranged a visit to Felixstowe beach and gardens. They enjoyed spending time with their friends and families, taking lots of selfies, sharing their delicious food, walking on the beach and paddling in the sea.

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