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Climate Strike

Tomorrow, September 20th, Ipswich Community Media will be standing in solidarity with organisations and individuals around the world on a global climate strike. We will be closing our offices, and heading to the Cornhill to join the protests!

At ICM we have been thinking about our climate impact, and along with others from South Street Studios have set up a group of Eco Champions who meet every week to try and reduce our climate impact. We have taken actions so far such as starting a wildlife garden on site, and maximising the types of materials we recycle. As part of this we have also written an environmental policy that is being implemented across South Street Studios.

Environmental Policy

South Street Studios and its partners recognise the international climate emergency. To play our part we will develop a strategy and costed action plan with the ambition of making South Street Studios carbon neutral by 2030. We will publicise this work and encourage and support our local community to do their bit to tackle the climate emergency.


What have we done so far?

  • Started a wildlife roof garden
  • Grow some indoor plants
  • Increased recycling awareness, expectation, and streams. For example: crisp packets, tetra paks, and plastic bags
  • Put up energy efficiency posters in our offices
  • Encouraging energy efficiency, such as switching electronics off when not in use
  • Participating in the Big Butterfly Count
  • Conducting an Energy Audit of South Street Studios and tracking electricity use

What we’re planning to do in the future?

  • Switching to eco-friendly cleaning products and bulk in buying with partners
  • Switching to a renewable energy supplier
  • Building bee and bug hotels for our wildlife garden
  • Getting a local milk delivery in glass bottles
  • Assessing staff travel
  • Engaging with our project attendees on environmental issues and actions.

You can find out more about the climate strike, and join the action here.

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