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Diverse Music Recording Project with National Music Project

group of 8 individuals looking at camera, one sitting with guitar
Ipswich Community Media’s Cad Taylor and Bruce MacGregor with Phill Minns from Brighton Based Best Foot Music and some of the musicians who recorded at South Street Studios Picture: SPIRIT OF SUFFOLK

A Zimbabwean marimba player, Syrian singers and some fantastic Portuguese Musicians, all coming together to record their music for a permanent archive with the British Library!

In collaboration with Phill Minns, of Best Foot Music, we organised a day of global music at South Street Studios. The project aimed to highlight community musicians from diverse backgrounds, including refugees, asylum seekers and migrant bands. We’re extremely lucky to have so many incredible musicians right here in Ipswich from all over the world, but unfortunately they are often overlooked by mainstream music venues. We wanted to create a day where their music could be celebrated!

Read the full Ipswich Star article here!

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