Ipswich Community Media

Making Waves

The Making Waves project is possible due to funding provided by the Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner which allows us to deliver a multi-faceted series of media and creative workshops to young people either at risk or already in the criminal justice system. 
The project also delivers vital pastoral support and care and  offers participants the opportunity to be involved in the process of organising and delivering events. The project works with young people to address challenges around violence, crime, misogyny and sexual violence.

As well as the one to one sessions, we have also been able to deliver group sessions which have proved to be incredibly popular. The programmes include New Gen and a project with a group of Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children. 

Music and media are at the heart of this project and are very powerful mediums of self- expression and are a powerful tool to empower people both socially and personally. Unfortunately however, with the young demographic who access the studios there is a lot of negativity associated with the drill/rap/grime they listen to, but with the right support from our tutors we have proven the change in attitude they can have towards the music they are making.

The project has achieved 85% success rate in keeping the young people referred from offending behavior.

One of the young people on the project, Max, wrote this song with the help of Music Tutor Angelle. he also had this to say about his experience with Making Waves:

I’ve been able to write songs, I never thought I’d be able to write. One of the songs I’ve been writing at the moment I would not have been able to complete without Angelle’s help. I used to basically go out every night and get in trouble, not come home, but thanks to [ICM] I’ve been putting my life back on track, been keeping out of trouble and not been hanging out with people that I have been in the past because the friends that I was with, weren’t exactly role models. So it [work with ICM] has got me back on track.”

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