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One to One Music Tuition / Raedwald Trust

Working in partnership with the education sector we offer one to one music sessions for children and young people who face exclusion from school and struggle in regular educational settings.

“I have worked with Steve since the beginning of January 2019. He has become increasingly more relaxed and confident in the studio environment and Steve is now confident enough to perform vocals in front of me. Steve has a solid 100% session attendance and is a real pleasure to work with.”

-Tutor’s Comment

“Steve loves music and talks about his sessions every time. He spends a lot more time engaging with music at home making him a lot calmer and there has also been a positive impact on Steve‚Äôs anger at school. Steve is a lot happier all round and his confidence in his own abilities seems to be growing. What you do is amazing, thank you for investing your time in Steve.”

-Mum’s Comment