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Roma Drop-in Class Progress

The Roma drop-in classes that we have been running since April have so far been a great success!

The classes have been open to Roma parents of children at St Matthews Primary School, for them to learn or improve their English. We have covered a range of topics from basic information such as numbers and days of the week, to personal information that individuals can use to access services, as well as writing and grammar skills for more advanced learners.

There have been a core of around 10 students who attend every week, plus a number of others. Having this core of learners has allowed us to begin tailoring the classes, splitting the group at times throughout the lesson to enable a volunteer to work with lower level learners. This allows the more able to move at a faster pace and we are now teaching some basic English grammar.

Learner Stories:

One of our more fluent learners is now benefiting from the differentiated approach and is improving his accuracy in writing and spelling. Moving forward he is very keen to improve his writing skills.

One of our less fluent learners can find it difficult to concentrate in class but she is pushing forward with enthusiasm and dedication, and has an impressive 100% attendance.

Thank you to the staff at St Matthews for being so accommodating and supportive of these classes. With the continued support from the teaching staff at the school, we have negotiated a better learning environment, with a layout that enables learners with toddlers to sit near a play area that is well-equipped with toys.

You can learn more about what our Integration Team do over on our Learning page.

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