Ipswich Community Media

South Street Kids Theatre Workshop

Two weeks ago ICM’s weekly youth project ‘South Street Kids’ was treated to a special opportunity when Jon Tavener from Eastern Angles Theatre Co. offered the chance to create a theatre club, at its lovely Sir John Mills Theatre, Gatacre Road Ipswich. The theatre is 5 minutes from any one of the 15 children’s houses, so location-wise, this was a perfect match for everyone involved.
We believe strongly that art is for everyone, so when we found out none of our South Street Kids had ever been to this theatre, or been part of a club before, we felt this could be great partnership project, and something of an achievement to get commitment for a week from these energetic kids!
South street Kids is a project that has been going for nearly 3 years, working with over 160 young people from across the town, but the majority live within walking distance of the South Street Studios facilities.
Ensuring we get our young people to attend these groups and workshops that we run, requires real dedication and leg work on our part, we have to go house by house collecting kids and even waking them up sometimes, but we always know this effort is richly rewarded as the kids bring huge energy and enthusiasm to whatever we do, many of the kids have their own personal barriers and financial constraints regarding attendance or committing to projects, which is why we choose these kids in the first place.
The show entitled  ‘Papagalo’ , a Romanian word meaning parrot like, referring to the act of learning from others, was completely devised by the young people during the week, including the main song that featured throughout the show.
It is hoped that as a result of this week, a partnership will grow with Eastern Angles resulting in a theatre group coming together, supported by the local schools.
South Street Kids, for ages 8 – 13 will resume in September and it has plenty of room for new kids to join, email cad@ipswichcm.org.uk for details.