Volunteering at Ipswich Community Media

Volunteers at Ipswich May Day Festival 2019

At the core of what we do is the belief that anyone can be a volunteer no matter who they are or where they come from.

Volunteering with ICM is a two way street. We aim to make sure our volunteers get as much out of the experience as the people and communities they help. There is little restriction to volunteering. Anyone can get involved. ICM volunteers come from all age-groups and all walks of life. Young people and adults, men and women, people from different communities of interest and ethnicity.

Volunteering helps to develop new and existing skills, to gain confidence and help to get into work.

If you would like to find out more about volunteering with ICM, please get in touch with us via hello@ipswichcm.org.uk

We are very proud of all of our volunteers. Read on below to find out more about Zahida, who regularly volunteers with our Integration team

Zahida Abdullah

We are very proud of all of our volunteers. Hear from one of our volunteers, Zahida, about the voluntary work she does with ICM:

Zahida talks about her experiences with Ipswich Community Media, and how she plans to get more involved with new projects as a result. #icmshorts

Zahida came to UK in June 2014 from Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan.  Zahida studied Geography at the local university but could not complete her course because she had to leave to join her husband who had fled to the UK as a refugee from the Iraq war years earlier.

When she arrived Zahida knew hardly any English and to improve she joined classes at CSV and subsequently Ipswich Community Media.  She has now improved her English immensely and is using her new language skills to volunteer with ICM.

Zahida helps all communities and nationalities (including Portuguese, Polish, Lithuanian, Romanian etc) as a Learning Support Assistant in English classes 6 times a week.  Zahida also finds time to volunteer in her local community, supporting people to access goods and services, promoting access to information and living rights and even volunteers as a Carer.

In recognition of Zahida’s dedication to her volunteering, she won ‘Volunteer of the Year’ at the Suffolk Adult Learners Awards in 2017.